What We Do


Our Health Mission

Physia is a smart textile company that changes the way you’ve thought about patient care. You will have the ability to receive in-the-moment risk alerts for your patient with the use of our smart garments.

Our goal is to prevent risk and alert the appropriate personnel remotely in the event of an emergency, thanks to our machine learning and deep learning algorithms ability to do this on the user's behalf when they are incapable or unaware of potential risk.


New Methods, New Solutions

With our experience and vision, we are creating a more effective way to monitor wellness. 

Physia provides physicians, caregivers, and emergency response units with a visual and data driven solution that identifies the risk whether it's a fall, heart attack, etc. prior to arriving to location in the event of an emergency as well as 24/7 remote monitoring of patients.



Ensuring the safety of elders is very important especially during sleep and downtime and a priority for us to provide that coverage. 

Physia provides the sense of comfort for those elders that requires extra care throughout the day.